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work in progress


This is the original image taken by the artist used to base the later composition off of.


This is a Notan used to separate values between lights and darks to simplify the image, centralize the focal point, and create an interesting movement of light throughout the composition. 


This is a Four values chart used to separate the black and white Notan into 4 different values. By doing this, the depth of space is created and artistic decisions are made to bring attention to focal points in the composition. 

work in progress.: Homepage_about

This is a color planning chart used to combine value with color in order to create an interesting composition. Bright colors are used to draw attention to details and create contrast between the image and the background.

work in progress.: Service
work in progress.: OpeningHours
work in progress.: Contact

This is the final painting.

Gauri Kasarla_Lotus Flower.jpg
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