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Artist's Statement


 In my theme, I strive to connect myself and other Indian Americans to fairytales that I am familiar with, yet separated by great distances and barriers. I want to convey the emotions and memories that I was overcome with as a child wondering why people in fairytales did not look like me, but also the empowerment and strength with which Indian Americans rise above the constructs we are accustomed to follow. I will recreate the story of the Princess and the Frog by only using people and iconography from South Asia, while telling it from a feminist angle. Through the repetition of peacocks I will express the exotic beauty and confidence that Indian Americans possess through our flight to achieve the recognition and honor we deserve, not only in our eyes, but in the eyes of others. 

Can I convey the storyline of the Princess and the Frog through a series of paintings?

Can I paint on mirrors to suggest reflections of oneself in another’s work?

Can I use broad, gestural brushstrokes throughout the series to create a fleeting, ephemeral quality in the compositions?

Can I effectively communicate a nostalgic, dreamlike feeling through my painting style?

Guiding Questions

List of Paintings
  1. Family and Origins (possibly use own family) in the ephemeral style of Joshua Flint or Mark Tennant

  2. Reflection in lake holding ball: full-body image tossing object next to weeping willow

  3. Princess kneeling down in front of a peacock

  4. Peacock retrieving the bracelet

  5. Princess transforms a little at the dinner table where peacock makes an entrance

  6. Eating with the peacock on the bed (but the princess doesn’t fulfill promise)

  7. Next morning, the princess starts getting ready in the mirror, but slowly starts to transform into a peacock

    1. Hair starts turning blue at roots

    2. Feathers start appearing

  8. Peacock flying out of the window 

  9. Normal dinner scene

  10. Painted on a mirror: Looking at the viewer but transforms further into a peacock: fingernails grow out, feathers start to appear, peacock eyes

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